Progressive Edge used their hygienist experience to design and manufacture the Cobalt Series and Advanced Edge instruments, as well as revolutionized retipping ‒ all at a reasonable price point.

Trustworthy, Knowledgeable Service

As hygienists ourselves, we give you friendly, honest and knowledgeable service that will make you happy every time you order.


Our new instrument and retipping departments ensure your instrument is assembled with all the care and concern you would expect from a leading dental hygiene instrument company.

Industry Standard Angles

We follow the most stringent of industry standards and in some cases make subtle changes to improve the original design. We apply our hygiene experience to develop instruments that we know will work well for us and for you.

Sharp and Long Lasting

We use only the best surgical grade, carbon stainless steel alloy. Our state-of-the-art process of heat treatment and metallurgical techniques creates a superior working end.


It’s time to stop over paying for your hygiene scalers. We are proud to give you smart alternatives for your instrument needs at a reasonable cost.


Our Story

Heidi Tritscher

Colin McKeage

Our Story

The inception of Progressive Edge in 2006 came from the realization that dental hygienists needed a quality alternative to the hygiene instrument retipping companies available at the time. As friends and colleagues since high school, Heidi and Colin have a long history of collaboration and put their combined years of hygiene experience together to form Progressive Edge.

Progressive Edge used their hygienist experience to design and manufacture the Cobalt Series and Advanced Edge instruments, as well as revolutionized retipping ‒ all at a reasonable price point.

As a hygienist owned and operated company, we take great pride in our products and continually monitor evolving dental hygiene practice to produce instruments and other dental hygiene products that we are proud to offer and use ourselves. Our strict quality control and amazing personal service help us meet, and even exceed, our goal ‒ to provide hygienists with smart alternatives.

Heidi Tritscher

I was a registered dental hygienist of 23 years and a co-owner of this incredible company. Many years in a variety of dental practices has given me a solid background in all things that help run a successful clinic. I love that I can talk knowledgeably to dentists and hygienists about our products and how they can improve their days at work. I know the frustrations faced by dental offices when it comes to high overhead coupled with the need to provide excellent instruments in order for their hygienists to give the best possible care to their patients. That is why it excites me to know that I can provide a valuable solution for them. Educating clients about our services, connecting them with innovative products and recommending specific instruments I have personally used, is a rewarding experience.

My personal life is filled with family, friends, animals and art. I serve as the Sales Manager of Progressive Edge

Colin McKeage

I too was a dental hygienist for 26 years and a co-owner of this incredible company! I have worked for all of those 26 years in a very large dental practice and have had the good fortune of working with hundreds of dental hygienists, dental assistants and dentists. I am proud to have helped in the development of the Cobalt Series and Advanced Edge Line of instruments. I enjoy getting texts from our customers saying they can’t believe how fast we are and that they love our instruments.

I am a devoted husband and a father of two beautiful daughters. I enjoy spending my spare time playing guitar (my wife would say too much spare time) and watching my daughters play their sports. I serve as Progressive Edge's Technical Director

Health Canada Approved

Health Canada Approved - Progressive Edge Dental Retipping Services

Canadians are bound by Health Canada, NOT the FDA as you so frequently hear from our friends to the south.

Please be assured that Progressive Edge is fully compliant with Health Canada regulations and holds a Health Canada Medical Device Establishment Licence (MDEL; License # 6408). Obtaining this license requires very strict protocols and involves stringent product and premise inspections.

Receiving Health Canada medical approval is actually a more thorough process than the equivalent FDA process. We have met the regulatory requirements and have documented procedures in place related to the medical devices we sell and have been licensed in accordance with Canadian law.

We have been informed that some dental instrument companies have been misinformed regarding retipping and Health Canada / FDA regulations and are spreading incorrect information about retipping and safety.

Rest assured, we take our products and the health of your patients very seriously and are proud to be fully compliant with any and all Health Canada requirements.