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Cool Cassettes™ Silicone Instrument Containers

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Cool Cassettes will change how you feel about instrument cassettes—literally! As the world’s first flexible silicone instrument containers, Cool Cassettes will save your hands from heat and sharp edges, save workspace, save instruments from scratches—and best of all, you save money!


Smooth, soft-touch Cool Cassettes are superior to metal cassettes in many ways:

Cooler — Solid silicone construction dissipates heat faster than steel for faster removal from the autoclave.

Safer — No sharp edges that can tear gloves and pouches or injure hands.

Quieter — No metal surfaces to create noise, scratch instruments or mirrors.

Easier to open — Built in lock buttons to hold case securely

More compact — Lids stack underneath to reduce tray workspace requirements.

Longer-lasting — No hinges, locks, or moving parts to break.

More colourful — Colour-coded for operatory or instrument set-ups.

Lighter — 10% lighter weight than equivalent steel cassettes.

Lower cost — Cost about 40% less than equivalent steel cassettes

Cool Cassette 5 $80.00

  • 5 Instruments Case
  • Includes one A-W syringe tip clip
  • Measures 8-3/8″L x 3-5/8″W x 1-3/8″H Outside

Cool Cassette 10 $100.00

  • 10 Instruments Case
  • Includes two A-W syringe tip clips

Measures 8-3/8″L x 6-1/2″W x 1-3/8″H outside

Cool Cassette 10XL $120.00

  • 10 instrument case
  • additional 2.5″ compartment for syringes / other items
  • includes 2 A-W syringe clips

Measures 11-1/8″L x 6-1/2″W x 1-3/8″H

Cool Cassette 14 $120.00

  • 14 Instruments Case
  • Includes two A-W syringe tip clips
  • Measures 8-3/8″L x 8-3/8″W x 1-3/8″H outside

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1 review for Cool Cassettes™ Silicone Instrument Containers

  1. Lissa

    Excellent product! Highly durable, no worries about bent connections or instruments bent or broken if lid is “forced” on. Instruments dont fall through the slots. Quiet in the operatory & true to its name, stays cool for transporting through the all steri-cycles. Would recommend these over metal cassettes hands down!

    • Heidi Tritscher

      Thanks for the review! We love them too!

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