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Edge PRO Sharpening Steel


The Edge PRO Sharpening Steel is a proprietary super-abrasive blend with superior abrasive resistance that provides beautiful, finely-honed edges with minimal effort.

It is more chemically and thermally stable than diamond coating.

The fine edge of the bevelled side is a perfect file sharpener. Simple place the slim edge into each individual groove of the file and slide across.

“Firstly, I think it is a superior and unique product. I love the fine edge it gives my instruments with little effort. At first, i found the stone quite heavy, but the more I used it, the more I actually appreciated the larger shape and weight. I love the fact that the bevel for sharpening the file is part of the stone. It sharpens my files better than anything I have ever used. I used the stone dry and it was very easy to care for.”  Bonnie Hoath, RDH and owner of Perio Dimensions.

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