Retipping Services

Hygiene Instruments Double-ended $23.10
Hygiene Scalers Single-ended $11.55
Diagnostic Instruments Double-ended $23.10
Diagnostic Single-ended $11.55+
Replacement Handle $14.98
Scissor Sharpening $14.50
We DO NOT retip restorative instruments

Think about this… did you know that ALL instruments are essentially “tipped”? This means, when an instrument is newly made, there are 3 pieces that have been press-fit, bonded and sealed together. Retipping repeats that very same process by putting our new, exceptional tips into your previously used handles. Don’t throw away those perfectly good handles! Let us re-tip them for you and get 3 of our great instruments for the price of 1 new one from other leading brands.

Take the Progressive Edge Challenge and make up your own mind! When you retip with Progressive Edge, seeing and using, is believing. With Progressive Edge, if you didn’t know it was retipped you wouldn’t be able to tell.

Let’s Set The Record Straight About Retipping... a properly assembled instrument, whether new or retippied, will not allow leakage of any kind into the handle

Is Retipping with Progressive Edge Health Canada Compliant?

Progressive Edge is in full compliance with Health Canada regarding device licensing under the Medical Devices Regulations. We have met all regulatory requirements, have documented procedures in place and are licenced in accordance to Canadian law. Canada has one of the most stringent licensing requirements in the world and we are proud to be listed in the Medical Device Active License listing.

Is Retipping safe?

YES, it's perfectly safe. The processes that are used to retip an instrument are the same as those used when the instrument was originally assembled. The only part of the instrument that is reused is the handle itself. Our process ensures your instrument is not compromised.
Manufacturers opposed to retipping seem to be concerned with leakgae into the handle of retipped instruments even though they have been press-fitted, bonded and sealed together, yet they are not apposed to selling screw-in mirrors that have not been sealed in any way. These companies will also promote a scaler with a silicone/rubber grip that has not been sealed to the handle at all... why isn't there a concern of blood and bacteria that can be harboured in those areas.
Concerns of leakage into the handle after retipping with Progressive Edge are a non-issue.

What type of metal do you use for the 'tips'; because I have heard that it is sub-standard metal? Is that true?

At Progressive Edge we use 440A surgical grade stainless steel, made in North America. Our steel meets or exceeds the standards of leading dental instrument manufacturers. Our state-of-the-art process of heat treatment and metallurgical techniques create a superior working end. With multiple years of practice our skilled artisans perform a multi-step finish, giving you a finely honed, hand-crafted finish.

However, there is no steel on the planet that can withstand the abuse of root planing. Instruments that ‘never need to be sharpened’ just lead to a dull instrument 2 weeks later. Our instruments are designed for you in mind; allowing you to create that same ultimate, long lasting, sharp edge manually. Our instruments, paired with our incredible ‘Now That’s Sharp!’ diamond/ceramic sharpening system, are the perfect combination – you can’t go wrong.

Can cracks in the handle be formed when instruments are retipped?

Rarely, a handle may form cracks during the retipping process. It only occurs in older model chrome-plated brass #2 handles due to the inherent weakness of the metals used in these handles. Our retipping specialists inspect all instruments for cracks or other damage before assembling, bonding and sealing a new tip into the existing handle. Progressive Edge will not re-tip any handle deemed compromised. The instrument is inspected once again when fully assembled. A properly assembled instrument, whether retipped or new, will not allow leakage of any kind into the handle. Manufacturers and sales reps opposed to retipping seem to be concerned with leakage into retipped instruments yet sell handles with screw-in mirrors that not are not sealed in any way.

Do your instruments have regular angles and are they balanced? Industry Standard Angles

Our instruments are manufactured by the latest in CNC machining to ensure the accuracy and consistency of each and every bend. We follow the most stringent of industry standards and in some cases have made subtle changes to improve the original design. We know how they’re used, after all – as hygienists ourselves we are the end user. Many hygienists are accustomed to the instruments that they were trained with, but once in practice discover alternatives that may work better. We have those alternatives.

Why Should I Retip?

Retipping with Progressive Edge gives you an eco-friendly option for replacing instruments with 65% cost savings, accurate angles, easy to sharpen tips, a 7-10 business day turn around, excellent service and the benefit of our combined 42 years of hygiene experience. Retipping has come a long way!