The Benefits of Dental Instrument Retipping are Far More than just Cost-Savings

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It is imperative for dental hygienists to have enough instruments to do their job, to replace scalers when they are no longer effective, and to maintain their instruments to ensure a comfortable experience not just for their patients but for themselves. This becomes difficult to do with the ever rising costs of scalers, the sharing of instruments between hygienists and the time constraints to keep their instruments sharp. All these barriers can cause physical pain and fatigue for the hygienist, difficulty in performing their job well and less comfort for the patient. 

Since 2006 at Progressive Edge Hygiene Instruments, we’ve been at the forefront of a practice known as “retipping,” which has gained prominence within the dental community for its cost-effective and sustainable approach to instrument maintenance. But what is retipping exactly, and is it safe? 

In this blog post, we will delve into the world of dental instrument retipping, focusing on its safety, benefits, and the cost-saving advantages it offers, specifically through Progressive Edge Hygiene Instruments. 

Understanding Retipping

Dental instrument retipping involves removing and replacing the worn-out or damaged tips of various dental instruments, such as scalers and curettes, with new tips. This process gives you brand new working ends, which is the most important part of the scaler,  without replacing the perfectly good handle. It’s smart, environmentally conscious and price friendly. However, questions often come up about the safety of retipping and its impact on the dental hygienist’s ability to provide excellent patient care.

Is Retipping Safe with Progressive Edge Hygiene Instruments?

The safety of retipping dental instruments depends largely on the quality of the retipping process. With Progressive Edge Hygiene Instruments, you can be assured of a safe and professional retipping procedure. The company utilizes advanced technology and adheres to strict standards to ensure that the tips are . When considering retipping, it’s important to work with certified and experienced dental technicians who follow industry guidelines and best practices, just like the professionals at Progressive Edge Hygiene Instruments.

Benefits of Retipping with Progressive Edge Hygiene Instruments

  • Cost Savings: Dental instruments can be expensive to replace. By partnering with Progressive Edge Hygiene Instruments, you can benefit from a cost-effective alternative. Retipping allows you to extend the life of your existing tools, resulting in substantial savings over time.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Progressive Edge Hygiene Instruments is committed to sustainability. Retipping contributes to a more environmentally-friendly dental practice by reducing the need for constant manufacturing, minimizing waste, and conserving resources.
  • Consistency in Care: Dental professionals often become accustomed to the feel and performance of specific instruments. Retipping with Progressive Edge Hygiene Instruments helps maintain the familiar feel and functionality, ensuring consistent patient care without any adjustment period.
  • Potential to Have More Instruments: Many hygienists would replace their scalers long before they do or could even use more instrument kits, but the cost of replacement is extremely high. Retipping with Progressive Edge is a 70% savings from the average cost of a new scaler allowing the flexibility, and money, to have more instruments.

Retipping Process with Progressive Edge Hygiene Instruments

The retipping process with Progressive Edge Hygiene Instruments involves several steps to ensure the safety and quality of the retipped instrument:

    • Inspection: The instrument is thoroughly inspected by experienced technicians to assess the extent of wear and damage.
    • Tip Removal: The old tip is carefully removed from the instrument using specialized, proprietary machinery that doesn’t damage the handle in any way.
  • Tip Replacement: The new tip is replaced using the very same process when putting together a fully new instrument, which is carefully press-fitting,  bonding and sealing the tip into the handle.
  • Quality Control: Retipping is performed by a highly skilled technician who then inspects the finished instrument ensuring an exceptional product.

Retipping dental instruments with Progressive Edge Hygiene Instruments is a safe and cost-effective practice that offers numerous benefits for dental professionals in Canada. By choosing to work with a trusted and reputable company like Progressive Edge Hygiene Instruments, you can enjoy an extended instrument lifespan, reduced costs, more instruments to work with and a positive impact on your practice’s environmental footprint. As you consider the options for maintaining your dental hygiene instruments, remember that retipping OR purchasing new scalers with Progressive Edge Hygiene Instruments provides a reliable solution aligned with modern dental hygiene practices.

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Disclaimer: This blog post is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional dental advice. Always consult with a qualified dental professional for specific recommendations regarding dental instrument maintenance and care.

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