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The Ultimate Guide to Sharpening Tools with Progressive Edge Dental Hygiene

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Maintaining the sharpness of dental instruments is crucial for providing effective dental hygiene care. At Progressive Edge Dental Hygiene, we understand the importance of sharp instruments in delivering optimal patient outcomes. In this blog, we will dive into our top three sharpening tools designed to keep your scalers in tip-top shape. From diamond-ceramic stones to the Edge PRO Sharpening Steel and ceramic-ceramic stones, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate sharpening systems.


Edge PRO Sharpening Steel: Superior Abrasiveness with Minimal Effort

The Edge PRO Sharpening Steel features a proprietary super-abrasive blend with superior abrasive resistance, ensuring finely-honed edges with minimal effort. Its chemical and thermal stability surpasses that of diamond coating, making it a standout choice for dental professionals.

  • Bevelled edge for file sharpening.

Testimonial: “Firstly, I think it is a superior and unique product. I love the fine edge it gives my instruments with little effort. At first, I found the stone quite heavy, but the more I used it, the more I actually appreciated the larger shape and weight. I love the fact that the bevel for sharpening the file is part of the stone. It sharpens my files better than anything I have ever used. I used the stone dry, and it was very easy to care for.” – Bonnie Hoath, RDH and owner of Perio Dimensions.

Edge Pro Sharpening Steel from Progressive Edge Dental Hygiene


Diamond-Ceramic Stone: The Gold Standard in Sharpening

The Diamond-Ceramic Sharpening Stone stands as the pinnacle of sharpening excellence. Our new gold diamond coating ensures a more durable and longer-lasting sharpener, setting a new standard in diamond sharpening. The combination of diamond and ceramic stones creates a “dream duo” for instrument sharpening.

  • Gold diamond coating for quick contouring.
  • Fine ceramic for biting sharpness.


Ceramic-Ceramic Stone: Razor-Sharp Precision

Ideal for hygienists who maintain their instruments regularly, the Ceramic-Ceramic Sharpening Stone offers a two-step sharpening process for the finest ultimate sharp finish.

  • Fine ceramic for maintaining angles.
  • Extra-fine ceramic for factory-like sharpness.

“NOW THAT’S SHARP!” Ultimate Sharpening System: For unparalleled sharpness and durability, use both diamond and ceramic stones in sequence. Start with the diamond stone for contouring, followed by the fine ceramic stone for honing, and finish with the extra-fine ceramic stone for a razor-sharp edge.

Ultimate Sharpening System from Progressive Edge Dental Hygiene


At Progressive Edge Dental Hygiene, we are committed to providing dental professionals with the highest quality sharpening tools for optimal patient care. From our diamond-ceramic stones to Edge PRO Sharpening Steel and ceramic-ceramic stones, our sharpening systems ensure that your scalers remain in top condition, delivering precision and effectiveness with every use. Invest in our sharpening products today and experience the difference in your dental hygiene practice. 

Now, that’s sharp!

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