Toasting to Calgary’s Caesar Fest with Progressive Edge Dental Hygiene

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Ah, Calgary, the city that never sleeps (unless it’s nap time, of course). Here at Progressive Edge Dental Hygiene, we’re all about diving headfirst into the excitement that is Calgary’s vibrant scene. From street festivals to foodie feasts, there’s never a dull moment in this city. And one event that gets us particularly jazzed? The YYC Caesar Fest, a glorious celebration of Canada’s favorite cocktail, hosted right here in our own backyard. We attended the festival and wanted to share 3 awards we would give out! 


The Caesar Chronicles

Picture it: Calgary, 1969. A genius bartender named Walter Chell decides to mix things up (literally) at Marco’s Italian restaurant in the Calgary Inn. The result? The Caesar—a concoction of clamato, vodka, and secret spices that sends taste buds into a frenzy. Fast forward to today, and the Caesar is not just a drink; it’s a national icon. And YYC Caesar Fest? It’s our chance to pay homage to this legendary libation in all its glory.

Learn more about the festival here! 


The Bob's Yer Uncle! Gin Caesar by Gnu Gin

Award 1 – Most Interesting Caesar: The Bob’s Yer Uncle! Gin Caesar by Gnu Gin


Let’s talk about Gnu Gin, shall we? These folks didn’t just mix up a drink; they unleashed a flavour explosion on unsuspecting taste buds. The Bob’s Yer Uncle! Gin Caesar is like nothing you’ve ever tasted—trust us, we’ve tried a few (okay, more than a few). With Gnu Normal London Dry Gin, Happy Belly grapefruit kombucha, and a delicious citrus rim, this Caesar is a rollercoaster for your taste buds. And the best part? It’s made by a bunch of hockey-loving, community-minded folks who decided to start a distillery during a pandemic. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade (or in this case, turning gin into a party)!

The Kale Caesar Caesar by The Coup

Award 2 – Best Garnished Caesar: The Kale Caesar Caesar by The Coup


If you thought Caesars were just a drink, think again. The Coup took garnishing to a whole new level with their Kale Caesar Caesar. Imagine a Caesar rimmed with Caesar dressing (because why not?) and topped with a miniature Kale Caesar Salad boat. It’s like a party on your plate! And let’s not forget The Coup’s commitment to vegetarian cuisine. These folks are on a mission to prove that veggies can be just as delicious (if not more so) than their meaty counterparts. So raise a glass (and a fork) to The Coup for showing us that plant-based dining can be downright delicious.

Eau Claire Distillery Dill Pickle Caesar

Award 3 – Best Canned Caesar: Eau Claire Distillery Dill Pickle Caesar


Who says good things can’t come in cans? Certainly not Eau Claire Distillery. Their Dill Pickle Caesar in a can is proof that convenience doesn’t have to mean sacrificing flavour. Packed with enough dill pickle punch to make your mouth water, this canned concoction is a game-changer. They also had a really fun booth, doing a blind taste test. Their canned Caesar went head-to-head with a classic canned Caesar, and let’s just say, there was no contest. The verdict? Eau Claire’s Caesar reigned supreme, and it wasn’t just because of the dill pickle punch. It was fun, it was interactive, and it was a cool way to show that theirs is, well, way better!


Let’s give a shout out to Eau Claire Distillery’s commitment to preserving heritage farming methods. We’re talking draft horses, antique farming equipment, the whole nine yards. It’s like taking a sip of history with every swig.


As the sun sets on another epic YYC Caesar Fest, we can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness (and maybe a touch of heartburn). Progressive Edge Dental Hygiene is proud to be a part of this wild ride we call YYC, and we love sharing upcoming events we think you will love! So here’s to Calgary, here’s to Caesars, and here’s to keeping the party going until next year! 


Cheers, my friends, and may your glasses always be filled with the good stuff.

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