Trust in Excellence: Progressive Edge Dental Hygiene Sets the Standard

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In the dynamic world of dental hygiene, finding products and tools that cater to the unique needs of hygienists and are cost effective, can be a daunting task. The demands of the profession are intricate, and only those who have walked in the shoes of hygienists truly understand the challenges they face. This is where Progressive Edge Dental Hygiene steps in, offering a level of trust and reliability that sets them apart. As a hygienist-owned and operated company, Progressive Edge not only comprehends the frustrations of the profession but also addresses them with expertise. In this blog, we delve into why you can trust Progressive Edge Dental Hygiene, exploring the factors that make them exceptional in the field.


Hygienists Working for Hygienists

At Progressive Edge Dental Hygiene, the driving force behind the company is the fact that it is helmed by hygienists. This unique aspect ensures an intimate understanding of the profession, its challenges, and the expectations of hygienists. The team at Progressive Edge doesn’t just sell products; they share a passion for enhancing the daily experiences of their fellow hygienists. Being hygienists themselves, they can empathize with the community and recognize the necessity for top-quality instruments. This shared experience translates into a commitment to producing products that meet, or exceed,  industry standards.

Credible – In Your Shoes

The credibility of Progressive Edge Dental Hygiene stems from its founders, who bring 30 years each of dental hygiene expertise to the table. Heidi, with her dedication to improving the lives of hygienists at work, and Colin, whose innovative contributions include the Advanced Edge Scalers and the EdgePRO Sharpening Steel, form a powerhouse of experience and innovation. Their commitment to the profession makes Progressive Edge a credible and trustworthy choice for dental hygiene products.

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Meticulous Excellence in Production

Progressive Edge takes immense pride in its products, evident in the meticulous care invested in every step of production. The emphasis on quality extends beyond the products themselves to the entire customer experience. Progressive Edge doesn’t just offer instruments; they provide a comprehensive solution, backed by a commitment to delivering the best for hygienists.

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When you choose Progressive Edge, you’re not just buying products; you’re investing in the trust and reliability that come from a company that truly understands and cares about you.

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