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Unveiling Remarkable Savings: How Retipping from Progressive Edge Can Save Hygienists and Dental Offices Up to 70%

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In the world of dental care, precision and cost-effectiveness are paramount. Dental hygienists and dental offices constantly seek innovative solutions that not only maintain the highest standards of care but also optimize their budgets. Enter retipping – a practice that has been transforming the dental landscape, especially when you partner with Progressive Edge Hygiene Instruments. In this blog post, we will explore the significant financial advantages of Progressive Edge’s Retipping services, showcasing how this practice can help dental professionals save up to 70% on instrument costs without compromising on quality.

Retipping: A Cost-Effective Game-Changer

Imagine being able to extend the life of your dental instruments and maximize their utility. This is precisely what retipping offers. Progressive Edge Hygiene Instruments, a trailblazer since 2006 in this field, has redefined the way dental professionals approach instrument maintenance. Retipping involves replacing worn or damaged tips of dental instruments, such as scalers and curettes, with new, high-quality tips. The result is an instrument that performs like new, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing entirely new tools.

Savings that Speak Volumes

One of the standout advantages of partnering with Progressive Edge for retipping is the substantial savings it brings. Traditional methods of replacing full, new dental hygiene instruments can be costly (the average is $85,76/scaler) and strain your budget. With Progressive Edge, you can experience savings of up to 70% compared to purchasing new instruments. This significant reduction in costs not only benefits YOU as a hygienist, by getting instruments that you need,  but also your dental office.

Quality Assured: The Progressive Edge Advantage

We know what you might be thinking… Do these cost savings come at the expense of quality? Not with us!

Our commitment at Progressive Edge to delivering trustworthy, safe, crazy sharp and industry-standard angled instruments remains unwavering. We use exceptional, high quality 440A steel tips with a hard finish providing  the same level, or even better,  of precision and longevity as other brands. This ensures that your patients continue to receive the highest standard of care, the hygienists have excellent instruments to do their job,  while you enjoy the financial benefits of retipping.


Transcending the Bottom Line: Sustainability and Efficiency

The financial savings achieved through Progressive Edge’s Retipping extend beyond just your individual budgets. When you embrace this practice you are contributing to a more sustainable industry. Fewer full instrument replacements mean less waste and a reduced environmental footprint. 

The enhanced efficiency of retipped instruments streamlines procedures and improves hygienist and patient care and comfort. Consistency in instrument performance leads to better results, and when combined with substantial cost savings, this is really a win-win for all parties involved, wouldn’t you agree??

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Retipping with Progressive Edge Hygiene Instruments presents a revolutionary opportunity for dental hygienists and dental offices to achieve exceptional savings of up to 70% on instrument costs. 

This practice embodies the perfect synergy between quality, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. As the dental landscape continues to evolve, Progressive Edge remains steadfast in its commitment to offering dental professionals the tools they need to succeed – both clinically and financially.

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