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As the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest comes to a close, we at Progressive Edge Dental Hygiene want to reflect on the journey we embarked on, exploring some of the hot chocolates offered by local coffee shops. YYC Hot Chocolate Fest is an annual event that captivates the city of Calgary, inviting both locals and visitors alike to indulge in the decadent warmth of hot chocolate while supporting a noble cause. 


Originating in 2011 by Calgary Meals on Wheels, this festival has grown into a beloved city-wide tradition, raising funds to combat food insecurity in Calgary. Throughout the month of February, participating cafes, restaurants, and chocolatiers compete for coveted titles such as YYC’s Best Hot Chocolate and Most Creative Hot Chocolate, all while contributing $1 – $3 from every cup sold to support Calgary Meals on Wheels’ mission. Join us as we recount our delightful experiences and savory moments from this year’s festivity.


Deville Coffee 

Deville Coffee, is a cherished establishment since 2008, prides itself on its commitment to sourcing direct trade coffee beans and creating an atmosphere steeped in connection. Their Blueberry Peppermint Hot Chocolate stole the show with its creamy white chocolate base, minty freshness, and a dollop of coconut whipped cream topped with a drizzle of blueberry syrup. Trust us; it was love at first sip and our favourite out of all the hot chocolates we tried.

Deville Coffee - Blueberry Hot Chocolate

Alforno Bakery & Cafe

Alforno Bakery & Cafe, a pastry paradise nestled in the heart of Eau Claire. Known for their delectable treats, Alforno didn’t disappoint with their Tiramisu Hot Chocolate. Picture this: a velvety blend of mascarpone cream and decaf espresso syrup, crowned with a cloud of mascarpone whip and a cheeky lady finger on top. It was like sipping on a slice of heaven and won a strong second place for us!

Alforno Bakery & Cafe


Shoe & Canoe Public House 

At Shoe & Canoe Public House, we found ourselves in the cozy ambiance of a rustic fireplace and the promise of comforting indulgence. Their S’more Hot Chocolate was a campfire classic—rich chocolate goodness topped with house-made toasted marshmallow fluff. It was like reliving childhood memories in a cup! A little too sweet for us but a great hot chocolate overall. 

Shoe & Canoe

Element Cafe

Our final destination, Element Cafe, delighted us with a flight of three hot chocolates, each a testament to the cafe’s dedication to creativity and quality. A classic hot chocolate of course and the two following out of the box hot chocolates…. They really took this fest seriously!


The Element of Euphoria, infused with sour jam beer and topped with a jam beer-infused whipped cream, was a bold and unexpected delight. 

The Element of Imagination, with its ruby chocolate base and playful combination of blueberry mint syrup and white peppercorn, left us marveling at the chef’s ingenuity. 

Element Cafe


As we bid adieu to YYC Hot Chocolate Fest, we’re filled with warm memories and a heart full of gratitude. Not only did we indulge in some of the most decadent hot chocolates in town, but we also contributed to a fantastic cause—supporting Calgary Meals on Wheels in their mission to combat food insecurity. So here’s to another year of chocolate-filled adventures, community spirit, and making a difference, one sip at a time.


We LOVE our community and all the fun things we get to take part in within it…check out some of our other blogs for more great things in and around YYC! 

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