In our 16 years of owning Progressive Edge Hygiene Instruments and our combined 46 years of practise as hygienists, we have had many conversations with new and very experienced hygienists. We’ve noticed that, despite their advanced training, many have gaps in their knowledge concerning instrument design and structure leading them to make assumptions about the instruments and manufacturers they choose or to cling to the familiar instruments they used in dental school out of habit. We’ve also heard over and over that sharpening is the most frustrating part of their day.

This short Continuing Education course (1-2 hours) was born out of the discussions we’ve had with, and frustrations we’ve heard, from thousands of hygienists. We hope to help simplify these issues for hygienists by giving them information and the opportunity to try out a variety of stones, side by side, to see what their preferred type is and to help them hone their sharpening technique. We’ll also answer any questions they may have about instrument design and choosing the right instrument for the job.

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