Embrace Spring in The YYC Area: 3 Exciting Events to Attend!

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As the chilly grip of winter begins to loosen its hold, our anticipation for the vibrant energy of spring builds up. In Calgary and its surrounding areas, the arrival of spring is not only marked by budding flowers and warmer temperatures but also by a ton of exciting events that celebrate community, culture, and creativity. At Progressive Edge Dental Hygiene, we take pride in being rooted in Calgary and are thrilled to share some of the upcoming events that showcase the dynamic spirit of our city and its residents.


Okotoks MarketSquare Spring Fling 

Spring in YYC kicks off with the Okotoks MarketSquare Spring Fling, a delightful event that brings together local makers, bakers, creators, and more. Taking place on Saturday, April 13, and Sunday, April 14, 2024, this event is a celebration of community and creativity. Since its inception in 2010, Okotoks MarketSquare has been committed to supporting local artisans, musicians, and entertainers, offering a platform for them to showcase their talents. With a vision to foster a vibrant arts scene in the region, 

Okotoks MarketSquare continues to grow, providing better exposure and opportunities for local artists. Whether you’re in search of unique handmade goods or simply want to soak in the lively atmosphere, the Spring Fling is not to be missed!


Aggie Days 

For families seeking an engaging and educational experience, Aggie Days is the perfect destination. Hosted from April 10 to 14, 2024, Aggie Days offers a hands-on exploration of agriculture, Canada’s leading industry. Children have the opportunity to interact with farm animals, learn about food production, and gain insights into Alberta’s agricultural heritage. With interactive displays and activities designed to spark curiosity, Aggie Days promises a weekend of fun and learning for visitors of all ages. From thrilling competitions like the Clock, Stock, and Barrel to adrenaline-pumping events like the Extreme Cowboy Race, Aggie Days offers a unique blend of entertainment and education that celebrates the rich tapestry of rural life.

Calgary Expo

For fans of comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming, Calgary Expo is the ultimate destination. Held from April 25 to 28, 2024, at Stampede Park, Calgary Expo is a four-day extravaganza that attracts enthusiasts from near and far. With a star-studded lineup of celebrities, engaging panels, and exciting attractions, Calgary Expo offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a die-hard fan looking to meet your favorite celebrity or a casual observer interested in exploring the world of pop culture, Calgary Expo promises an unforgettable experience. As part of the global FAN EXPO family, Calgary Expo is proud to be the largest comic con event in Western Canada, providing a platform for fans to discover, celebrate, and belong.


As spring unfolds in YYC, the city comes alive with events that showcase the diversity and creativity of its residents. From supporting local artisans at the Okotoks MarketSquare Spring Fling to exploring the world of agriculture at Aggie Days and celebrating pop culture at Calgary Expo, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. At Progressive Edge Dental Hygiene, we’re proud to be based in Calgary and are excited to be a part of such a vibrant and dynamic community.

 As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring, let’s embrace the opportunities to connect, learn, and celebrate together!

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